Project Sponsors

This project is sponsored by the European Union and the County of North-Rhine Westphalia

Ready for Industry 4.0

In order to make another step in our future, the production sites in Germany and Czech Republic participated in a research project of the Siegen University, subsidized by the European Union and the County of North-Rhine Westfalia. 

The idea behind the Project title "Cyber-physical Maintenance 4.0" is to facilitate complex set-up and maintenance processes on industrial machines. With the help of HoloLens glasses the worker dives into augmented reality and will get electronic support to set-up the machine in the most efficient way. 

In September 2018, the results of the project were presented at the Siegen University / Forming Technology.

Project partners


  1. Umformtechnik UTS Siegen 
  2. Wirtschaftsinformatik und Neue Medien
  3. SMI Siegener Mittelstandsinstitut

Project Releases

Brille mit Effekt

Rohre biegen mit Cyberbrille

Cyberbrille der Uni Siegen sichert Fachwissen

Augmented Reality hilft beim Rohrbiegemaschinen-Ruesten