Achieved by people - our culture of innovation

For WESTFALIA Metal Hoses GmbH, innovation is a group-wide initiative that has always been at the center of its corporate philosophy and entrepreneurial activities. The culture of innovation is employee-driven and builds upon the strengths of the different locations. Innovation at WESTFALIA Metal Hoses GmbH is the process of making changes, large and small, radical and incremental, to products, technologies, processes, business models and services. These changes need to result in something new that allows a common growth with our customers.

The innovation efforts of WESTFALIA Metal Hoses GmbH focus on the development of integral and company-wide solution, allowing on building a strong customer orientation into every innovation project by addressing both the obvious and hidden customer needs as early as possible in the innovation process. That allows us to react on market changes just in time.

Oursuccess factors

WESTFALIA Metal Hoses’ application engineers evaluate each situation and all relevant requirements in direct consultation with OEM customers. With many if them WESTFALIA is lilsted as a development supplier and contributes design support.

Our success has many faces

WESTFALIA relys on dedicated and ambitious employees who are constantly dcveloping their expertise.

They have deep knowledge and are thus able to introduce advanced applications to the markets and to convince other customers with innovations of our company.


Worldwide at home

We are there where our customers need us – close to them: Always focused to produce for local markets and to give our partners the best service through our team of specialists.

WESTFALIA Metal Hoses has global locations and representations in Europe, the USA and Asia – so almost all over the world.

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As globally acting manufacturer of flexible and gastight routing systems, WESTFALIA Metal Hoses serial products convince our customers. Both our products as well as our production technology is developed in-house, partly protected by patents. This production technology is applied throughout all locations and guarantees a continuing high quality level of all products.




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