CONTINUOUS DAMPING INCLUDEDAbsolutely tight - always!

The steadily growing demands of emission legislation and stricter regulations on environmental protection require sustainable solutions from commercial vehicle manufacturers.

As innovative company it is our responsibility to create such solutions – for you and our environment!

The patented Gastight Hose GTH is just an example for this innovative initiative. It has already proven its functionality in a series of field tests with commercial vehicle manufacturers.

Main advantage of the Gastight Hose GTH is his ability to completely decouple vehicle movements, even in shortest installation lengths. Many special features like “zero leakage” concept, lowest stiffness at maximum elongation, optimum absorption of vibrations, continuous damping and the compensation of tolerances guarantee the perfect functionality of the GTH!

BenefitsGastight Hose GTH stands for


Continous damping over the whole frequency range absorbs all vibrations


Easy installation and safe handling


High flexibility reduces operational stresses

Gastight Hose GTH – with many benefits

  • High flexibility leads to greater installation tolerance and compensation capability
  • Remaining GTH capability after installation will accommodate maximum operational movements
  • Proven GTH design inherently handles torsional movement
  • The GTH inner liner avoids articulated stiffness excitation
  • Natural frequencies can almost be excluded
  • Continuous damping by oval hose concept

COMPLETELY OUT OF ONE SOURCEYour individual assembly

Even in the smallest installation area, WESTFALIA’s GTH exhaust line systems find the optimum space and guarantee the perfect connection between engine outlet and and exhaust aftertreatment inlet. For this purpose the Gastight Hoses GTH can be equipped with a vast variety of accessory parts:

  • Bent pipes
  • Thermal insulation
  • Special adaptor techniques
  • Bending range up to 6 inches
  • Small bending radius up to 1 x D
  • Lightweight design – wall thickness 1.5 mm available

Download data sheet

  • Metal encapsulated insulation
  • Tailer-made half shell insulation
  • Half-shell insulation
  • Clamps
  • Axial slip connections
  • V-Clamps
  • Bent pipes, also fully insulated
  • NOx sensor carriers
  • Flanges
  • Mounting brackes
Gastight Hose GTH


Gastight outer shell with oval Inliner

Download GTH data Sheet
  • Material
    • Stainless steel
  • Characteristics
    • High moveability and flexibility
    • Low stiffness and low structural stresses
    • Compensation of engine induced movements
    • Compensation of installation tolerances
    • Resonance stability by self-adjusting and continuous damping
    • Gastight outer shell
    • Resistance against stone impacts
    • < 10 °C temperature loss
    • < 220 °C surfaces temperature at 450°C exhaust gas temperature
  • Services
    • Individual production of components and insulated exhaust line systems based on customers’ design and requirements
    • Internal and external product validation under real conditions, like mounting position, movements, corrosion, vibrations and in combination with thermal loads
  • Adaptor techniques
    • Clamps
    • Axial Slip-Connections
    • V-Clamps
    • Insulated bent pipes
    • NOx sensor carriers
    • Flanges

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